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The Studio

DianadelaPena.com Photography is a fully licensed and insured business.  Our studio is up-to-date with the necessary equipment for any session,  We take every precaution to ensure you and your children have the safest photography session possible.  I'm up to date on all vaccines including the WHOOPING COUGH vaccine. Please be sure that anyone handling your infant has had the Pertussis Vaccine (Tdap). The studio is also meticulously cleaned after each client.

DianadelaPena.com is dedicated to providing the very best photography experience to every client who walks through our doors or in other areas around Los Angeles since we provide outside photography services as well.  

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I have a high standard in making you feel not only comfortable and relaxed during your session, but manly safety when you put your baby and even yourself in my hands. 

We have a couch for you to relax on, some snacks, water, and even you can make your coffee if you would like. Some parents even take a nap! Or you can watch me capture the perfect memories for you and your precious family.

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Our photography studio is located at 6080 Atlantic Avenue. Suite J Long Beach. CA 90805.  

Note: We work by appointment only.  Diana provides display items for like-minded businesses and has had displays for other business since she started her own business.  If you have a like-minded business and are interested in Displaying Diana’s work and providing discounts and incentives for your customers, please contact Diana. ddlpphotography@gmail.com  

Some examples of "like-minded" business are: 

Ultrasound Imaging  ​

OB/GYN  ​Doulas  

Chiropractors  ​


Classes ​Hospitals  

Maternity Clothing ​

 Baby Products  ​

And Many More...